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Certification International perfectly combines modern technology and a personal approach to provide assessment, analysis and certification services across all key business standards including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 and ISO 50001. Through our global network, Certification International ensures that our 5,000+ clients receive a bespoke service, coupled with understanding and cultural awareness delivered by local professionals.

How Certification International can help your business

Certification offers a wide range of benefits for all types of organisation – whether that be cost savings, improvements in customer satisfaction, access to new markets, optimised operations or a reduction in a business’s environmental impact.

A Global Business

Certification International is part of the Socotec group and has operations in 27 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, India and the Middle East. Find your local office here.

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Why Choose Us?

With over 5,000 clients worldwide from Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, India and the Middle East, Certification International is a truly global business. We offer ISO certifications as well as country-specific standards, all of which can be delivered by region-sensitive members of the Certification International team.

Since 1995, Certification International has provided management systems assessment to the world and now boasts over 5,000 clients in 26 different countries. We know certification. We know management systems. It’s that simple.

We are focused on people; both in terms of our customer relationships and in our approach to assessment and certification. We’re big enough to work with any size of organisation but we strive to maintain a personal touch with each and every one of our clients. Understanding the needs of each client enables us to deliver exactly what they require whilst constantly working to advance their progress and development.

Certification International has been providing management systems assessment to the world for over 15 years. In that time, our experts have built up a wealth of knowledge allowing us to develop your business and to help you achieve real commercial benefit from your management system investment.

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